The ACO REACH CAHPS 1st Interim Data Submission for Performance Year 2023 deadline is TODAY
folder_openData Submissioncalendar_todayPosted October 10, 2023

The ACO REACH CAHPS 1st interim data submission for performance year (PY) 2023 deadline is TODAY, Tuesday, October 10, 2023.

We thank those ACO REACH CAHPS vendors who have already submitted PY 2023 1st interim data for their client ACOs. If you have not yet submitted PY 2023 first interim data for your client ACOs, please submit your file(s) by 11:59 PM ET today, October 10, 2023.

Important Note: Since CMS will not accept any first interim files after October 10, 2023, please make sure you check your data submission reports to verify that all your submitted files were accepted. And, correct and re-submit all files before the data submission deadline.

For information about data file preparation and submission processes, please review Chapter 7 of the ACO REACH CAHPS Quality Assurance Guidelines (QAG).

The ACO REACH CAHPS Survey Coordination Team will review all submitted interim files immediately upon submission. We will run a series of edits on survey data to check for issues such as inconsistencies, patterns, or unusual values. If we identify any issues, we’ll contact the survey vendor and explain the problem(s), determine the correction(s) needed, and ask the vendor to correct the issues, if any, for the 2nd data submission. Please see section 10.4 of the QAG for additional detail on the data review performed by the ACO REACH CAHPS Coordination Team.

Please contact the ACO REACH CAHPS Survey Coordination Team if you have any questions.