Fully Approved Vendors for PY 2024 ACO REACH CAHPS and REACH ACO Registration and Vendor Authorization Information
folder_openOther Announcementscalendar_todayPosted June 7, 2024

The names and contact information of all survey vendors who are now fully approved for ACO REACH CAHPS survey vendor authorization have been posted on the ACO REACH CAHPS website. That list is available here:

CMS has also provided ACOs with this list and has informed ACOs that they must register and authorize their contracted survey vendors by August 2, 2024. The information on registration and vendor authorization that CMS provided to ACOs is below.

Survey vendors can access their website “Survey Vendor Authorization Report” to see the list of the ACOs who have authorized them.

Please contact the Survey Coordination Team at or call toll-free 1-833-870-0486 if you have any questions.

CMS has provided the following information to ACOs:

ACO Registration: All ACOs are required to have a survey administrator registered for their ACO.

  • ACOs who will use the same Survey Administrator that they had in PY 2023 do not need to register again.
  • New ACOs or ACOs who want to change a Survey Administrator must do so by August 2, 2024.

Vendor Authorization: All ACOs need to authorize a vendor for PY 2024, even if they want to use the same vendor from PY 2023. This must also be completed by August 2, 2024.

Helpful ACO registration links:

  • To begin registering as the Survey Administrator:

Helpful vendor authorization links:


  • To authorize a vendor:

  • To see step-by-step instructions for authorizing a vendor:

ACOs with questions should contact the ACO REACH CAHPS Survey Coordination Team at